If I may be so self indulgent, here’s a list of where I’ve visited in this year of travel throughout 2018.

Without question, my favourite destination for 2018 was Esperance, Western Australia. I couldn’t recommend higher you get yourself over to W.A and immerse yourself in actual, real life paradise.

Ski Nozawa Onsen
Skiing at Nozawa Onsen


Skiing in Nozawa Onsen, in a daze in Tokyo , Japan. My first visit to Japan and I must say a memorable one at that.


Day Dreaming in Esperance. This may have been the best birthday destination on record. (In case you’re not following, I try to visit a new place in Australia each year. This was my fifth and favourite year.)

Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Great Ocean Road, Victoria

March /April 

Two of my beautiful mates got married in Warrnambool, along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. The beauty of this rugged coast line remains etched in my mind. Late march took us surfing in New Zealand. Our extended Easter break took us to NZ’s north island.



Trekking the Larapinta Trail. Arguably, I have the best job, I get to travel for work and I’m joined by like-minded trekkers who have fundraised upwards of $5,000 each for their chosen charity. I was lucky to join 15 other Cure Cancer supporters as we spent a week in the desert. If you’ve never been to the Red Center – stop reading now – and book your flights.


Wining and Dining in Melbourne. I adore Melbourne, simply adore it. I could never not visit, even for just a weekend escape.


None, Nada, Zip! Just some R & R in Sydney!



Kite Surfing, Hiking, Tea Sipping & Surfing in Sri Lanka. This pearl earring off the coast of South India was everything I hoped it would be. Food, weather, culture, convenience. I highly recommend!


Summit Australia’s tallest mountain: Kosciuszko 2,228m. Unfortunately due to snow (in November? What the!?), we couldn’t summit this year. But here’s my recap from a previous successful summit in 2017.

Breakfast, Kitty Burns
Edamame Smash, Kitty Burns


Frolicking in Melbourne. Aforementioned adoration continues. My recount makes very serious mention of the wine and food scene.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you SO much for reading this and any previous post’s from 2016 to now, I hope you’re enjoying my continued rambling. It’s never easy to be vulnerable and post week after week – but I’m enjoying it and hope you are too.

For now I wish you a very Happy New Year! May you travel ethically, eat well and adventure more.

Until next year xo

PS: Where would you go if you had a year of travel?


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