One month into Project 333… how time flies!

I have to say, I cant remember what else was in my wardrobe before the challenge. This is perhaps caused by my fading memory (hence this blog). Maybe a few items spring to mind but nothing more. So far… I think it’s working.

A few people have asked what was included in my 33 items for Project 333.

Well, here it is!

Project 333
This. Is. It.
  • 2 rompers (1 navy, 1 burgundy – not pictured {I’m wearing it!})
  • 5 dresses (2 pattern, 1 black, 1 olive, 1 white)
  • 3 shorts (1 denim, 1 pink, 1 black)
  • 3 skirts (1 denim, 1 black, 1 navy)
  • 1 pant (olive)
  • 1 jacket
  • 4 shirts (1 grey, 2 white, 1 pattern – not pictured)
  • 4 cotton t-shirts (1 black, 1 white, 1 stripe and 1 grey)
  • 4 singlet (1 black, 1 pattern, 1 white, 1 olive – not pictured {I’m wearing it!})
  • 4 pairs of shoes (1 trainers, 1 slides, 2 sandal for work)
  • 2 bags (backpack and handbag)

As a rule of thumb, I generally purchase my clothes from ethical sources (I bid farewell to the quick moving trends of fast fashion two years ago). I opt for good quality labels made from sumptuous materials that seemingly do not date, although, I’d like to get better at this. My favourite type of clothing – especially for travel – involves simply pulling a garment over my head for it to glissade over me in retaliation. No bells, nor whistles.

Project 333
Shoes and Cotton Folds

What’s not included:

  • An innumerable load of active wear (I’m training for a half marathon) but good to note: I don’t wear my active wear unless I’m actually being active.
  • Numberless bikinis (ahhhh my vice, you have caught me out, I generally use four in one day when I’m swimming & surfing in summer, yep – you read correctly – FOUR)
  • Underwear and pajamas

The obvious observation would be the seasonality of this wardrobe. Summer does indeed help to lessen the need for layers. If for whatever reason we experience a cold snap – I will certainly struggle – as you will notice jeans or a decent jumper are not included in the list. Is it a little bit of a gamble.

Project 333 Packing List
This definitely: Sparks Joy!

Since the Marie Kondo craze, I’ve noticed de-cluttering has provoked enormous interest and debate. Interestingly the tale of what happens after we’ve de-cluttered has yet to inspire us. Like you I’ve become increasingly aware of all the social media posts of people snapping their piles of plastic (gasp!) bags. They’ve bagged their un-loved belongings and lugged them to Vinnies (second-hand store), but then what?

It shouldn’t then give us license to consume, which is what can naturally occur given we often mistake retail therapy for actual therapy. Once you’ve cleared your wardrobe, there is an urge to fill it once more.

Second hand stores are becoming increasingly overburdened with items that no longer spark joy, but again I ask:

What happens to the pieces that don’t sell?

We need more education on what happens after Vinnies; out of sight, out of mind is a fantastic approach – but for over consumers, will it lead to more waste and more clutter in the long run? My guess is yes.

The struggle as I see it is; if you are buying fast fashion brands from second hand stores – is that not still perpetuating the impact of the fast fashion industry? It’s a tricky one.

My ethos is to take the ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’ approach into your own hands to lessen the burden on second hand stores. I recently held a market stall selling items that no longer served their purpose and not only did half of it go within six hours, I made a decent little income! With the items I had left over: thankfully I’ve been able to gift a good amount to friends and colleagues. However, at no point will I contribute any items to landfill unless they are indeed broken beyond repair.

You may be wondering why a travel blogger is taking such a keen interest in clothing all of a sudden – but believe me, it is related. The connection I have with my clothing relates wholeheartedly to my travel plans.

“This is why

As we told you once before

Fashion shows are now a bore

All the fuss and all the mess

Fail distinctively to impress”


I’m looking forward to a few of my pieces (those Berkies for starters) falling apart (naturally) so that when I replace them, I’ll choose an ethical label with damn good credentials.

But for now, they are serving me well.

This month I attempt to travel with carry-on only once again, we’re off to South Australia (which reminds me: GIVE ME YOUR TIPS PLEASE.) I look forward to giving it another go, given my first attempt to Sri Lanka was a massive failure. I will still need to check-in my surf board – so we won’t get to fully appreciate the carry-on experience until May. That reminds me! STAY TUNED for some epic news relating to avaycay, me and Moo!

I will endeavour to add a bonus page to the site sharing with you where we’re traveling next… but for now, you just have the bottom of the home page.

Have I inspired you to give Project 333 a go? Have you tried it? I’d love to hear from you!!

Until next time xo


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