Deciding where to go for our year of travel, we felt like artist’s with a blank canvas. The ideas are endless and the fear of missing out means carefully curating a dream bucket list. But the thing is, our plan is to see very little, and as for our fomo – well – we’d rather that stem from missing out on culinary delights than excessive sight seeing.

Reminding ourselves that less is more, we’ve steadily mapped out the first three months, with plenty of wriggle room.

No doubt this rough itinerary will change frequently between now and May 2020 but in case you were wondering, this is where we (currently) plan to travel to.

Feel free to live vicariously through us for the next few months, because no doubt it will rub off on you and before we know it, we’ll be living vicariously through you!

Athens, Greece


First stop, we’re heading to Greece! Arriving into Athens I anticipate will blow my mind. Having never really studied history in high school (or adult life…opps) I’m intrigued to see where it seemingly ‘all began’. With three weeks to soak up everything that is Greece, we will no doubt make our way over to a few of the Greek Islands, I hear the sunset’s are nice.


June comes with our first split, not intentional at our initial time of planning this trip, but I think anyone who has travelled as a couple (for long periods of time) will agree that there is a certain amount of ‘me time’ that aids in a smoother and more harmonious experience.

We hadn’t intended to split for so long at the start, but the dates lined up and we thought – why not? I will leave Moo and head for Budapest before taking a few weeks to walk the European Peace Walk from Hungary to Italy.

Not fond of long distance hiking, Moo has opted to kite surf instead, he will surf in Montenegro before meeting me in Italy.

Searching for La Dolce Vita, Italy


We intend to soak up everything Italy has to offer for a total of two months. With no plan, no itinerary and no guide we anticipate it to be the ultimate search for la dolce vita. There have been whispers that we’ll buy Vespas and plod along the coast – watch this space!


This month before soaking up the final olive pit in Italy we head south, all the way south to Cape Town, South Africa.

Watching natures wild beasts – ethically of course!


It feels far too odd to be talking about September in April – but none the less – we plan on exploring South Africa in detail for the next two months, perhaps visiting Botswana or Namibia in the process.


In October, likely mid-month, we’ll jump over the ditch to Argentina. From here we intend to spend approximately three months in South America. Having been to Colombia, Peru and Ecuador already, we’ll likely stay east side.


The beginning of Patagonia season! It’s likely we will go hiking in Patagonia before heading north. What does concern me at the moment is our carry-on travel plans VS wintery cold climates. But I’m sure we’ll find a way to make it work!

Only in Brazil!


We anticipate to be doing the samba and practising capoeira in Brazil for the month before slowing heading north into Central America.


Wow! 2020 already, Happy New Year! Central America will feel a whole lot different than it did eight years ago when I first visited. We are both really eager to see more of Cuba and Guatemala.


Central America continued…


Central America continued…

We could never miss the heart and soul of Jazz, New Orleans


From Mexico, we will likely head further north into the United States of America.


North America continued… before heading back to Australia.

We opted not to go for a round the world ticket for flights and have opted for one-way tickets thus far. It will give us more flexibility, more freedom and more opportunity to change our plans – which we no doubt will.

There you have it! Please stay tuned, even though these plans will likely change, it will give you a rough idea of where we’re going and what we’d like to see. There is one thing for sure, there will be more trekking, more surfing and more adventuring in general!

If you’ve been to any of these countries, give me a shout on Facebook or Instagram, I can’t wait to hear all about your travels!

Until then xo

Images sourced: Unsplash


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