We’re off for a year…with carry-on luggage only! Want to know what we’ve taken with us? Well…this is what I have. If you’re interested what Mat has, just ask in the comment section below! Here it is, my carry on packing list:


t-shirts x 8
sports top x 2
shorts x 2
sports shorts x 2
skirt x 2
jumpsuit x 2
jacket x 2
jumper x 2
socks x 6
underwear x 9
bra x 8 (updated: now 7)
pyjamas x 1 pair
swimmers x 3 pair

Ironically, my skirt and shorts were the same pair’s I used during Project 333.

My summer colour palette reminds me of a dessert.


hair brush
pocket soap (updated: used up and not replaced)
hair band x 3
face towel x 1
cleanser oil (updated: used up and not replaced)
face exfoliator (updated: used up and not replaced)
face cleanser
face oil
body moisturiser 
laundry wash
skin balm (updated: used up and not replaced)
menstrual cup
acne lotion
shampoo bar
conditioner bar
soap bar
SPF 40 + natural sunscreen
SPF 30 sunstick
exfoliator (pumice)
A few of my most used toiletries..


brush x 1
eyebrow pencil
eye shadow
BB cream (updated: used up and not replaced)
My morning routine…although I think I’ve actually worn make-up 3 times so far…


usb > mac converter
iphone w charger
headphones w charger
go-pro & handle
macbook w charger
power converter for worldwide
hair removal trimmer

First-Aid kit

magnesium tablets x 8 (updated: used up and not replaced)
nurofen tablets x 4
tape (updated: used up and not replaced)
blister plasters x 5
betadine disinfectant
citronella oil
hydralytes (updated: used up and not replaced)
water bottle
My trusty water bottle

Other items

reusable water bottle
reusable keepcup
sunglasses x 2
reusable tote bag
card game
reusable cloth napkin
metal straw
bamboo cutlery
bag lock 
waterproof pouch
hand sanitiser
earrings x 3 pairs
eye mask & ear plugs
hat x 2
notepad & pen
reusable panty liner x 3
trainers x 1 pair
sandals x 2 pairs
rubber slides x 1 pair

Not mentioned:

A LOT of probiotics, antibiotics and assorted herbal pills which will inevitably be consumed and not replaced (edited August 2019, used up and not replaced.) Trekking shorts, pants and tops that were used for two weeks in Europe.

We each have a back pack, mine is this one, and we also have a small, third backpack for day trips.

When it comes to things we share like the laptop, toothpaste, soap etc, we split the load.

So there you have it! Hope it helps if anyone is thinking or planning on doing something similar. Do you have any recommendations for my carry on packing list? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch on facebook or comment below.

Until next time xo


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