Before planning our year-long itinerary, I was thinking about what to pack. During the course of last year we had gradually substituted single-use, paraben laden and plastic products for reusable and naturally derived ones. Whilst our goal was to ensure that we travel minimally with carry-on luggage, what we actually took with us needed to be good for the planet too. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of the ethical products for travel that we use.

We figured! Who better to test well-made clothing, accessories and skincare products than a couple of minimalists who can only take what they can carry?

What’s really great is that a few of the Australian (and ethical) brands mentioned below have actually supported us on our adventure around the world. Seriously, I wouldn’t be recommending them if I didn’t absolutely love them, so do check them out!

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the mentioned and linked brands below who have supported us, you guys are the absolute best. We love you all.

Ethical products for travel: Accessories

What: Water Bottle by Frank Green

  • Australian company
  • eco friendly product
  • plastic alternative
  • we’ve been supported by Frank Green and can’t get enough of them. As a result, they’ve kept us well hydrated along the way, without harming the planet. (pictured above)

What: Day Pack by Crumpler

  • Australian company
  • five year warranty
  • free repairs

What: Main Bag (suitable for hiking) by One Planet

  • Australian company
  • made in Melbourne
  • transparent supply chain
  • carbon neutral factory, reuses and recycles, read more about OP here.

What: Bamboo Cutlery by Big Bite Eco

  • Australian company
  • eco friendly product
  • plastic alternative
  • biodegradable
  • 100% vegan
  • made from bamboo fibre & PLA (PolyLactic Acid made from fermented corn starch).
  • free from BPA, melamine, heavy metals and other harmful substances

What: Stainless Steel Straw by Ever Eco

  • Australian company
  • eco friendly product
  • plastic alternative
  • (pictured above)

What: Passport Holder by Sticky Lemon

  • Netherlands company
  • made from recycled PET bottles
  • eco friendly product

Ethical products for travel: Toiletries

What: Sanitary Pads by Hannah Pad

  • Australian company (part of a global vision)
  • eco friendly
  • natural fibers
  • plastic alternative
  • I’ve been supported by Hannah Pad and they’ve come in handy a few times already. As a result, they’ve saved me when in desperate need open the road! (pictured above)

What: Period/Leak Proof Undies by Modibodi

  • Australian company
  • eco friendly
  • natural fibers such as bamboo & merino wool
  • plastic alternative
  • I’ve been supported by Modibodi and I’m not even kidding these are the best damn undies. Every woman needs a pair (or five).
  • You can read more about my experience with them here.

What: Menstrual Cup by JuJu

  • Australian company
  • made in Australia
  • eco friendly
  • plastic alternative
  • free from latex, fragrances, harmful chemicals, sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and artificial colours.

What: Natural Deodorant by Noosa Basics

  • Australian company
  • made in Noosa
  • eco friendly by using organic and raw ingredients, also fairtrade
  • free from fillers, synthetic additives or palm oil free.
  • downside is, the glass is heavy so we are pleased ours has now finished.

What: Natural Makeup by Inika

  • Australian company
  • certified organic ingredients
  • 100% vegan & cruelty free
  • (pictured below)
Travel light make-up
My minimalist traveler make-up bag.

What: Travel Bags by Original Source and Supply

  • Sri Lankan company
  • sustainable and transparent
  • eco friendly
  • made using excess fabric waste from the fashion industry. Sourced directly from printers, high street retailers or excess stock markets
  • sourced and made in Sri Lanka
  • (one of three pictured above)

What: Bamboo Toothbrush by Go Bamboo

  • New Zealand company
  • biodegradable and recyclable
  • plastic alternative
  • eco friendly

What: Shampoo & Conditioner Bars by Sun Well Being

  • Australian company
  • made in Australia
  • plastic alternative
  • eco friendly
  • hand made with all natural ingredients 

Ethical products for travel: Clothing & Footwear

What: Organic Cotton & Hemp T-Shirts by Good Studios

  • Australian company
  • made in Adelaide
  • natural fibers such as: luxurious hemp linens, hemp organic blends of jersey and twill and Australian merino.
  • uses Oeko-Tex certified dyes, recycles zippers, and biodegradable buttons, running alongside core trans-seasonal staples.
  • I’ve been supported by Good Studios, I love how well these tee’s wear, the hemp makes them look textured, the breathe well and they feel amazing.
  • Moo wears GOTS Organic Cotton T-Shirts by Original Weekend

What: Organic Cotton Sweater by Kowtow

  • New Zealand company
  • made from GOTS fair trade cotton fabric
  • free from chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde and aromatic solvents
  • entirely recyclable packaging
  • transparent supply chain from fair trade, safe workplaces and ethical treatment of animals
  • ‘take back program’ on offer for pre-loved items no longer in need

What: Swimwear by Indigo Luna

  • Australian company
  • ethically made
  • packaging without plastic, using Cassava starch
  • uses natural dyes from plant sources
  • workers are paid above living wage in safe working conditions
  • swimwear made from Econyl (reusing old carpets to discarded fishing nets)

What: Bralettes and Undies by Bimby & Roy

  • Australian company
  • environmentally friendly printing process
  • child care centre attached to the manufacturing facility, as arranged by Bimby and Roy.
  • can be used as swimwear (pictured above)

What: Waterproof Jacket by Patagonia

  • 1% for the planet member
  • Patagonia accept all Patagonia products for recycling
  • transparent supply chain

What: Sandals by Melissa

  • cruelty-free
  • 100% recyclable made from Melflex®

What: Slides by Indosole

  • Australian company
  • vegan, made from used tyres, waterproof
  • B-Corp

I’m often asked by friends, what sustainable fashion brands are best? The few mentioned above should be a great start for basics and more. I truly believe if more of us made a more conscious effort to be less wasteful in our consumption, the world would be a better place. It all starts with your necessity. Thankfully, living a more minimalist life, your needs a much less – give it a go!

What ethical products for travel do you use?

Until then xo


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