If there has been an increase in attention to one sector since the virus that shall not be named, I think we can all collectively agree it’s been the arts. Television, film and literature, and if you’re like me, you’ve dabbled in the odd painting, sketching, and sewing project. Even mixology and cooking have been given a go in order to consume time more thoughtfully. If there’s one thing I haven’t thought much about, I’m ashamed to admit, it’s travel. I guess you could say I’m more of a love the country you’re with kind of girl. And if I can’t have the world, I’ve avoided sparing a thought about anywhere but here. I’ve almost forgotten the outside world exists. Almost.

However, as I’m sure you’re well aware, the world is still out there. It’s still alive and beating and we have the arts to thank for documenting it so beautifully over time. Therefore, in an attempt to distract both you and myself with the fact that I have very little to write about this week, here are my go-to films set all around the world to satiate your travel needs.

Truthfully, I have watched all of the below and yes I do actually recommend them. Don’t be mad that there are a lot of romantic comedies listed below (it is my preferred genre, I’m not going to lie). However, I am willing to add to the list with films that possess the right amount of panache.

Lastly, before we get on with it, I’d like to acknowledge that I am a self-proclaimed dilettante (a person with an amateur interest in the arts) when it comes to reviewing film. But dammit, I know what I feel and if a talkie can transport me and make me feel like I’m somewhere else entirely, I might as well be there and I’m taking you with me. Make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright positions! First stop: Australia.


Any Questions for Ben completely captures the essence of Melbourne, Rabbit Proof Fence, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and The Castle, all three are essential to watch for both Australians and non-Australians alike). Tracks, Mad Max and Samson and Delilah will make you want to head straight for the outback and experience it for yourself.


Along came Polly (Also filmed in NYC) The film is bookended in the Caribbean and in my opinion, an all round great film.


The English Patient (Also filmed in Tuscany) A doomed romance – What more could you want? What Rolling Stone are calling: “a hypnotic epic.”


Priceless and Amelie Audrey Tatou is unequivocally beguiling in both. The Intouchables Simply brilliant – DO NOT watch the US remake with Kevin Hart. Midnight in Paris I will watch anything with Woody Allen as the director, but this film is particularly enchanting.


Jojo Rabbit Nazi Germany aside, there is something so very gentle about this film and while the scenery is difficult to attach to any one place in Germany, I have a sudden urge to visit.

Mandrakia Milos Greece


Mamma Mia Shocking film, however, will watch it for a glimpse of the Greek Islands alone. Before Midnight Highly encourage the full trilogy; Before sunrise {set in Vienna} and Before sunset {set in Paris}


Grand Budapest Hotel Simply put, an adorable film. I watch this film every three to five years. In fact, I think I’m probably due a watch this week!


Slumdog Millionaire Heartbreaking, then hopeful and finally! A happy ending, Lion Heartbreaking, then hopeful and finally! A happy ending. But! It’s also set in Tasmania. The cinematography is magnificent.


Persepolis Yes, this film is animated (the only one on the list), but it still tells a story – a story we haven’t heard before.(What is more hurtful: War or Love? You decide!)

Pasta, Italy


il Postino Pure poetry…get it? No? Watch it! It’s free on Youtube with English subtitles. Eat Pray Love I think we can all agree that the Italian portion of this film is the best. Because: All. The. Food. Roman Holiday Lighthearted, comic, beware: you WILL fall in love with Rome. Under the Tuscan Sun The book is better {and a different story completely} but the scenery in film-form is unbeatable! and lastly The Talented Mr Ripley Firstly, what an incredible portrayal of Procida and Rome. It was hauntingly good… I watched it last night.


Cool Runnings A classic! I’m sure you’ve seen it.


Memoirs of a Geisha A pry into the life of a geisha. Quite heartbreaking really. Kyoto is a central character you will fall in love with.

frida khalo museum


Frida The costumes, the architecture, the cuisine, the city! ¡Caray!


Babel (Also set in Mexico, Japan and the US) About four families in four countries. They’re not all intertwined (some are) but they’re all tragically unfair. It’s fascinating.

New Zealand

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Brilliant in so many ways. Comic, endearing and hows about that scenery?


Crazy Rich Asians I refuse to admit how many times I’ve watched this, what can I say, I’ve utilised a lot of in flight entertainment since it’s release. I really like/d it.

Jeffreys Bay

South Africa

Endless Summer (Also filmed in Hawaii & New Zealand) Even if you’re not a fan of surfing, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy this film. It’s also very funny.


The Way Walkers and non walkers will enjoy the landscape of the Spanish countryside, don’t mind the terrible acting or character flaws or costume design (who the hell would go hiking in jeans!!!), but we can all come together and rejoice over those pilgrim menu del dias!


Notting Hill and Bridget Jones Diary They both bring London to life, they both include attractive actors and honestly they’re both hilarious. Fighting With My family Set in Norwich and Los Angeles, it’s great AND it’s a true story!!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Annie Hall and Manhattan (set in NYC) and all are must sees, at least once in your lifetime, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (set in LA) You can’t say I ONLY watch romantic comedies! Sleepless in Seattle (WA & NYC) This is vintage. Into the Wild (set mostly in Alaska) If you enjoyed the book Walden (by Henry David Thoreau) I think you will especially love this film about living simply in harmony with nature.

Django Unchained (set in the Old South) See! I told you it’s not all about ROMANCE! I love a Tarantino as much as the next. His work is all in the details. I really want to visit the Deep South… just not at the time this film was set. Blue Crush (set in Hawaii) You guessed it, another film about surfing, but Hawaii sure is alluring. Wild (West USA) I didn’t love the storyline of this film, but I did love the cinematography of the Pacific Coast Trail. Little Miss Sunshine (set in New Mexico) Just an all round great film. Final note: There are so many more films to add to this list.


Good Morning Vietnam (shout out to Robin Williams! Shout out to Vietnam! The premise: Funny guy talking about a serious subject and yet, it works. Also… I really, really love Vietnam.)

Things I need to see (and potentially add to) since writing this list:

Lost in Translation, In Bruges, Dances With Wolves and Thelma and Louise (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know!)

Now. What did I miss? What don’t you agree with? Which do you agree with?

Join me next week for more travel-related, non film-related news.

Until then xo


  1. Dee Sampson

    Great movie suggestions, I was surprised at how many I had already seen and I will definitely be pursuing those I haven’t.
    You just need to add Camino Skies to your Spain suggestions.

  2. John Passlow

    Ditto to Dee’s comment I was also surprised as to how many of these I have read or own to be read and those I haven’t read or own I will definitely purchase ASSP John Passlow

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