Everything happens for a reason right? If we hadn’t returned to Australia prematurely, I would never have had all this time on my hands. If I hadn’t reached ‘stage ten boredom’ with all this time on my hands, I would never have had the sudden urge to consider extra curricular studies. After a quick search for creative writing courses, I stumbled upon the perfect solution; this ensured I make good use of my free time and further develop my passion for sustainable and responsible travel.

I can only hope I put better use to it than my undergraduate degree (in Applied Science), as I’ve decided to go back to university to complete a masters, not in fashion merchandising, no, not again. This is a full time, two year course in a Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management at Monash University (based on campus).

The course starts in August 2020 (I narrowly missed the March intake), based in Melbourne. Which means…

Surprise! We’ll be moving south in due course.

More information about the course?

Sure. The course dissects the relationship between the tourism industry and sustainable organisations. We’ll focus on sustainable tourism in terms of urban and rural development, natural resource management and consider the broad range of benefits from international and domestic tourism. The best part is, plenty of travel is included and encouraged in the course. So you can expect to learn more about certain regions, policies and practices over the next two years as I internalise them myself.

In my crusade to become an expert in the field of sustainable tourism, this also couples with my dream to have a more indigenous focused domestic tourism industry here in Australia.

So, goodbye social life and hello student life.

I look forward to you shouting me dinner soon,

Until then xo


  1. Hannah

    Yay Lex, this is awesome news! Will your lectures etc. still be face to face? Universities in the UK are doing everything virtually for at least the next six months…

    1. avaycay

      Thanks Hannah 🙏🏼 I believe all classes are online for the second semester, however I wouldn’t be surprised if they revert back to face-to-face given the speed at which our states are relaxing restrictions.

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