Wine and Feminism in South Africa

This week on the blog, I thought we should have a chat about feminism over a wine (or in our case, a LOT of wine). By that I mean, I’d like to share with you some of the remarkable wineries we’ve visited in S.A whilst explaining a little about the feminist issues facing S.A, that I picked up on. Rest assured boys, the patriarchy is alive and thriving within the Afrikaans community down in S.A.

Cape Town: The cheapest and least sustainable city we’ve been to!

Arriving in Cape Town was a huge culture shock. I know people use the word diversity a lot when describing South Africa, but the word doesn’t even come close. Shanty towns line the main highways, gated communities line their compounds with electric fences, biltong stores are as plentiful as coffee shops, thatched roofing is more prevalent here than the U.K and whether you’re black, white or coloured there is invariably a class system you’re being pegged into.

The thing about Sicily is…

Arriving in Sicily felt like we had returned home, back to wishing everyone a bonna sera (only after two in the afternoon), ordering cappucino (only before eleven in the morning), taking pleasure in an afternoon nap and late dinners all whilst serving up a gleeful ciao to everyone we meet.

Two weeks in Umbria, Italy

Looking back on our two weeks in Umbria I am reminded of such fondness for the people, the food and the landscape. A memory I feel will last much longer than I expect. I half expect to reminisce about it for the rest of my life if I’m honest. I longed for the landscape without even realising.