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The Australian Hiker – European Peace Walk- Interview with Lexi Connors

Show notes: In this weeks episode we talk to traveller and avid hiker Lexi Connors about her recent trip on the European Peace Walk Trail. This trail is relatively unknown but provides and alternative to the heavily used  Camino trails. In this episode we discuss the logistics, the ups and downs, and the highlights of this unique trail. Why fly when you can walk?!

I Don’t Know How She Does It – Travel by Holly Wainwright. Minimalist Travel

Show notes: If you are always testing the luggage weight limit at the airport, you need to meet Lexi Connors. She is all about minimalist travel, and is trying to reduce her travel footprint by taking as little with her as she can. Later this year, she’s heading off around the world for a whole year with only one, small, carry-on bag. So why did she want to become a minimalist traveller? And how do you even begin to cut down your items to just a backpack?

My Camino – The Podcast by Dan Mullins, listen on itunes here #76.

Show notes: Lexi is a surfer, someone in tune with the ocean. We talked about the Camino del Norte and her physical and spiritual journey ~~ and the food!! You’ll love Lexi’s description of a day’s surfing on the north coast of Spain; pure bliss.