We tried hash in Barbados

Ahhh Barbados. By this point you’re probably thinking, how the flip can you two afford to travel to Barbados? One of the most expensive caribbean islands (based on average daily travel price, per person, per day) well, I’m here to tell you the secret…btw it’s not hash!

How to live for free (for a month!)

Deciding to travel for a year came with a range of budgeting concerns. How would we last a whole year? What type of sacrifices would we have to make in order to travel comfortably for twelve months? For us, the one thing we’d been looking forward to testing out was staying in one place. Thankfully we found a way to do that without costing us a cent in accommodation!

The thing about Sicily is…

Arriving in Sicily felt like we had returned home, back to wishing everyone a bonna sera (only after two in the afternoon), ordering cappucino (only before eleven in the morning), taking pleasure in an afternoon nap and late dinners all whilst serving up a gleeful ciao to everyone we meet.