The Travel Series is a ten part series to help travellers be more efficient and economical and of course (as always) a little more ethical. Different from The Green Series, which covers topics like greenwashing in tourism, responsible travel and helpful advice when choosing an eco-friendly tour operator or travel agent.

In The Travel Series you can expect tips and tidbits on things like what credit cards to use, how to choose the best sim card and what flight is best for you and the environment. That leads me to our first post for the series.

Part 1. Flying! Is it ethical? RTW or OW?

Welcome to the series! First up: the topic of flying. Choosing how to fly was always a huge decision for us on our year abroad. Which airline? Which aircraft? Round the World Vs One Way? Let’s take a look at the options.

Part 2. Packing! Cubes? Fold or Roll?

A very contentious topic, we know! Moo and I follow very different packing methods so we felt confident tackling the topic. The post discusses the differences between cubing, folding and rolling and tips for each. There is of course, an honourable mention to the wonderful world of minimalist travel!

Part 3. Managing money abroad! How we gained $2,448 on the road.

Not normally a topic I would find particularly sexy, but in this case, I think you can agree it really is. By following some pretty basic steps, we ended up saving $2,448 AUD that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t been savvy about managing our money abroad.

Part 4. Sustainable accommodation! The best websites to use.

Admittedly, this is an area Moo and I need a little improvement. We want to stay in sustainable abodes, but we aren’t always looking for high-end-luxury properties either. Here you can find the best sites to use world-wide to find sustainable accommodation.

Part 5. Insurance! Can it be sustainable?

This blog post is all about travel insurance. So, can it be sustainable? The answer is: Of course! Sustainable travel insurance is now a thing!

Part 6. Coming soon…