$500 in rent for 5 weeks in Barbados
I didn't expect to fall head over heels in love with the place. But after five weeks on the island, that's exactly what happened. Barbados is without a doubt my new country crush!
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Budget, Packing and Places Update
All of a sudden we're into month number eight of our round the world trip! The biggest questions we still get asked is: how's the money tracking? what's been your favourite place so far? and when are you coming home? You can find out all that and more within.
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We tried hash in Barbados
Ahhh Barbados. By this point you're probably thinking, how the flip can you two afford to travel to Barbados? One of the most expensive caribbean islands (based on average daily travel price, per person, per day) well, I'm here to tell you the secret...btw it's not hash!
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My year of travel, a 2019 recap!
It's a wonderful time to be alive! 2020 not only brings us a New Year, but a new decade too! Which is oddly unsettling and...
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Probably dont visit Petropolis when its raining.
Leaving Paraty was a shame, and upon our departure we had narrowed down our next stop to two places: Buzios Beach or Petropolis. We put it down to weather and given the foggy, wet forecast, we went for the latter.
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Sidestepping a shit on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Our time in Rio de Janeiro occurred over two separate occasions. We first stayed in the inner city district of Lapa for five days, before eventually coming back for another five days, this time, staying in the glamorous beach side district of Ipanema. We literally side stepped shit on the street.
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Our Year Abroad

Moo and I decided to chuck it all in, quit our jobs, sell our stuff and travel for a year (with carry on luggage).

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