I’d heard about destination weddings, but I never really knew destination birthdays were a thing. Until my oldest friend from school invited me to spend four days in Queensland to explore the magnificent Whitsunday islands with her. I was chuffed, I got to spend time with my buddy on her thirtieth day on earth and we got to experience the beauty that is tropical Queensland. Including a stunning scenic flight over the reef. It was honestly sensational. Here’s how to experience the Whitsundays!

Without boring you with what we did and how we did it day by day, I’ll just give you the facts, when we went, how long for and who we booked with. I can’t recommend this experience enough.

All I can say is: Do. It.

When did we go? November 2016

How many days were we away? We took the Friday and Monday off work, therefore 4 days and 3 nights.

How long was our cruise? 2 nights

What was the name of the Catamaran? Powerplay

Can I scuba dive? Yes, for an additional $65. Snorkelling is free!

Who did you book through? Explore Whitsundays

Would you book through this company again? To be honest, probably not. It felt more suitable for backpackers even though it was reasonably expensive. The food was cheap branded, there was never enough food (always limited) and the hygiene could have been improved in regards to washing dishes and the bathroom situation. In saying that, 23 year old me (7 years ago) would have absolutely loved it without question. So, I guess as they say: you get what you pay for. And hey! Maybe I’m just getting a little snobby as I’ve aged (equally true) I will say though, the host and captain were great, very accommodating and the booking staff were fine.

Who did you fly with? GSL Aviation

How much was it? $199 pp

Was the plane ridiculously tiny, weren’t you scared? Yes and not really. I mean at first you feel like it should probably just be a toy, but once you’re in the air. The views are captivating!

But, really what more can I say? Let’s let the pictures do the talking! Check out my gallery below. All taken with either an underwater camera or my iPhone6.


Let me know what you think....