These guys aren’t famous for flaunting their flesh (possibly my best alliteration ever), these epic ladies are killing it at doing good! Adventurous, sporty, stylish and they’re ethical travellers.

I’ve hand picked these legends for good reason, and you will probably want to follow them too if you’re needing #inspo or… why not… you know… follow me too, here’s my page on ethical travel!

Check out my fav adventure ethical-bloggers and why?

My top of all the ethical travellers is definitely…

Alex in (goat yoga) wanderland

Alex in Wanderland

I’ve been following Alex since 2015 after seeking travel tips before my first trip to South America. Moo and I were keen to trek the Colca Canyon without a guide and Alex’s blogs were a life saver. She’s done some epic write up’s on sustainable packing, eco-friendly travel options and follows ethical travel practices. She keeps things pretty real, I’ve always respected her vulnerability in writing about her life on the road. Articles I constantly go back to are her packing tips and city reviews. Follow Alex if you’re keen to learn more about diving, yoga, sightseeing and just generally living vicariously through her. She wrote an epic little piece about plastic free travel you can read here.

Chantae was Here | Free Diving in Mexico

Chantae Was Here

Chantae is pretty much living the expat dream. She’s based herself in Fiji (diving, surfing, yoga dream land) where she writes about all things sustainability and adventure. She’s traveled extensively so there is plenty of gritty content to get yourself stuck into. What I really love about her blog is her “anti-guidebook” versions of sightseeing, I completely relate given my fascination with slow travel. Follow Chantae if you enjoy real travel stories, sustainable travel and action sports like: kite surfing, surfing and diving. I’m mega into her blog about not being an environmental slob while traveling. 

Earth Wanderess
Evelina aka Earth Wanderess

Earth Wanderess 

Evelina is the definition of eco-warrior. She has a dedicated sustainability section on her blog for all things minimalism, ethical living and conscious travel. What’s even more epic? She’s completely given up air travel due to the impact it has on the environment and continues her travels by land. Follow Evelina if you want to learn how to quit flying, learn more about plant based living and hiking. I’m super into her piece about why she gave up air travel here.

Plastic Free Mermaid
Kate the Plastic Free Mermaid

I Quit Plastics 

Kate is pretty much an actual living mermaid. After visiting the Great Pacific Trash Gyre she was shocked at how mirco-plastics are infiltrating our eco-systems and put a stop to her plastic usage completely – so much so, she quit plastics! She is your go-to for plastic free alternatives, conservation themed yoga retreats and surfing #inspo. What I love about Kate’s blog is how vocal she is about lobbying for plastic bag levies, plastic free alternatives and ideas to keep our oceans cleaner. Follow Kate if you need a kick in the bum when it comes to plastic alternatives. I’m suuuper into her plastic free travel tips here.

Last by not least of the ethical travellers:

Alexa Surf Japan
Alexa aka Still Stoked: Surfing in Japan

Still Stoked

Alexa Hohenberg is one serious adventure chick. Her blog is kind of like the ‘Mamamia’ go to site for adventurous women. It’s all about “what women are talking about!” Wondering how to fix that ding on your surfboard? Maybe you were wondering the best eco-conscious swimwear labels? Or the best winter sports destinations to shred? She’s got you covered. What I really love about Alexa’s blog is she’s clearly passionate as hell about what she writes about and she’s a little tongue in cheek too. Follow Alexa if you’re keen to: daydream, be inspired and get active on your next avaycay! Her latest article is all about sustainable gift ideas which is beyond EPIC!

The one thing I think that unites these epic ethical travellers is not only that they love being active, but that they give a sh*t. Cause even when I say no to a plastic straw or pick up someone’s trash at the beach, I find great comfort in knowing there are at least five other’s out there thinking, doing and caring for the same thing.

Until next time xo

PS: Who’s your favourite ethical travellers?

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