Border restrictions withstanding, it’s time to start planning our next vaycay! Because, doing nothing for the past two months has been utterly exhausting and frankly, I’d like a break from this extended break. Below is a list of my go-to places I’ll be headed for the foreseeable getaways… you thought I was going to say vaycay’s didn’t you?

I need to add a preamble here – Moo and I are moving to Melbourne next month! Don’t be too surprised to see so many Victorian destinations.


1st: Mount Buller, Victoria

Moo is gagging for a decent ski season and after some pretty pathetic experiences at Thredbo, he’s keen to check out what else Australia has to offer in the snow department. I wouldn’t say I’m a reluctant skier, I enjoy the sport, it’s the cold weather I take offense to. Chilly weather aside, I’m keen to re-visit Hotham myself, to both test my ski legs and breathe in that fresh mountain air. Mount Buller is one of the biggest ski resorts in Australia (the same size as Perisher in NSW), with 100km worth of runs. Given the reasonable 200 kms drive from Melbourne (as opposed to 380 kms from Sydney to Perisher), all things going well with snow fall, we might even sneak in a few runs over the course of the season (pun intended.)

2nd: Great Ocean Road, Victoria

I know what you’re thinking: Snooze. Hear me out.

While we have previously driven (part) of the Great Ocean Road en route to Warrnambool. We are keen to (actually) use our cycling gear, which means a cycle tour is in the works for the 243 kms road from Melbourne. Logistics to still figure out include: Should we cycle west to east? Or east to west? Where should we stop each night? Will we camp?

Needless to say, there is much to work out. If you’ve cycled the Great Ocean Road, save me the headache by sending through some tips, any advice is welcome.

Somewhere HIGH on my list (which may very well end up being a day trip, rather than be included in the Great Ocean Road itinerary) is Barwon Heads. Why? I’ll tell you why. Still to this day I have a inexplicable penchant for the ABC TV series Seachange. The community, the scenery, and the attractive, yet aloof neighbour (I’m team Max Conners), it has it all. Apparently, the show was filmed in Barwon Heads and news on the street is, you can actually rent out Laura Gibson’s house. Via none other than the caravan park.


3rd: Promontory National Park, Victoria

I smell a multi-day trek coming up!

Ever since I discovered that Wilsons Prom’ was located at the southernmost tip of mainland Australia, I promptly added it to my bucket list. Think; remote walking trails, quaint camping sites and pristine beaches. That’s my kind of National Park! Visiting the Prom’ seems like a right of passage for all Victorians, so the real question is, how soon can we get there?


4th: Wine regions, South Australia

After our short trip to the Barossa back in 2018, we are desperate to taste more of the region (I couldn’t resist). McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley and Coonawarra have our names written all over them, and while the borders remain shut, this gives us plenty of time to plan an extended exploration of South Australia. I’m still very intruiged by Coober Pedy and don’t even get me started on Port Lincoln.


5th: Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

There’s no doubt there’s still much of Western Australia left to discover. Ningaloo remains high on my list of priorities before the masses make their move. As tourism slowly grows (and opens up again), I’m hopeful prices will be less eye watering than previous quotes. The problem with a visit to Ningaloo is the act of getting there. Thankfully, there are plenty of places I’m dying to visit along the way, including Monkey Mia.


6th Cairns, Queensland

Not just because I promised my friend Kate I’d come up for a visit, but also, who can resist a trip to the tropics?

But that’s not all: Often labeled as “the world’s most dangerous bird”, the cassowary remains to be seen (with my own eyes). Plus, there are many, many hikes and waterfalls that only a local would know about – so why not experience the most serene and natural places with the aid of local knowledge? Also – there’s still plenty of the reef I’m yet to have snorkeled and lastly – I’m dying to experience the plastic-free hotel scene by Crystalbrook Collection.

7th Daylesford, Victoria

Obnoxiously expensive spa retreats may have put this former gold mining town on the map, but for me, I’m keen to see what the fuss is about. Maybe it’s all hype, maybe it’s fluff and overpriced. But! Maybe it is all it’s cracked up to be. I’ll be sure to keep you posted once we’ve experienced it for ourselves.

That should keep us busy for the next few months. So, where are you headed? Where’s your next pit stop?

Until then xo

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