About Avaycay

Here at Avaycay I like to take things a little slowly. I travel slowly. I write slowly. I only write when I’ve experienced a new place and it just so happens that the more of the world I’ve seen, the longer my bucket list seems to grow. Slow tourism is my jam. You’ve heard of the slow food movement, now it’s time to embrace the slow travel movement. It’s about re-calibrating what’s most important. Gone are the days where one flutters from place to place, to truly experience a new city or country is to slow down and inhale everything a place has to offer. It’s about quality not quantity. It’s about osmosis. Whether it’s my Top 5 or a trekking recap, I love to absorb a new place. Give it a go.

About The Name

Even a weekender from home base can provoke a certain sense of excitement in planning and organising your travels. Avaycay, merging the letter A (the letter of my first name) with the abbreviated word for vacation: Vacay aims to deliver on all things inspiration, curing wanderlust and providing helpful tips on how to best experience a destination.

About Lexi

Hi there, I’m Lexi ! Your ultimate wanderlust enthusiast. With an incurable case of curiosity. Whether it’s surfing in Mexico, hiking the Himalayas, zip lining through Peru, motorcycling around India, karaoke-ing in Vietnam, sipping ‘cawfee’ in New York City, trekking the Kokoda trail, navel gazing in Fiji, learning to ‘tuk-tuk’ in Thailand, eating jamon in Spain, skiing in New Zealand, Tubing in Laos, seeking Mayan advice in Guatemala, cooking in Malaysia, Sea lion swimming in Ecuador, cycling in Cambodia, sipping tea in London, salsa dancing in Havana, learning Spanish in Colombia, Volcano boarding in Nicaragua, snorkeling in Costa Rica or just kicking back here in little old Sydney I’m always intrigued.

All photo’s belong to yours truly, shot with an iPhone or GoPro. Enjoy as you please.

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