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Playa de Berria, Spain. Walking the Camino del Norte
Playa de Berria, Spain | Walking the Camino del Norte

Welcome to the Green Series!

A list of posts to help you make more informed decisions when traveling with regards to the environment.

After walking 922kms through Spain on the Camino del Norte and the Camino Primitivo I discovered a new style of travel: the slow tourism movement. Just like the slow-food movement it’s all about shifting your perspective on what travel is all about, achieved by slowing down. Flitting from place to place might make you feel like you’ve achieved the most out of your time away from home, but does it leave you feeling more fulfilled, more connected?

Laredo, Spain
“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time” Steve Wright

This spurred me on to think about how the tourism industry affects the environment and well, here we are! So far I’ve discussed the subject of greenwashing and identifying ‘eco-friendly’ tour, hotel and travel agents , discovering how tourism affects the Great Barrier Reef  in an interview with Citizen’s of the Great Barrier Reef and the all important question: What is Responsible Tourism? and there’s plenty more where that came from…

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