We Quit Our Jobs!

It’s happening people! Both Moo and I have officially quit our jobs in preparation for a year abroad. That’s right, we’re packing up, selling up and heading west for, as we put it: “long as the money lasts” and we’re doing that with just 7kgs – carry-on luggage only. … More We Quit Our Jobs!

Why I’m walking 330km to learn about Peace.

Walking. Again. Yep – It’s happening. It may be indulgent, true. Affording the luxury of walking uninterrupted for sixteen days is something not many think about, let alone crave. After completing the Camino del Norte & Camino Primitivo in 2017, coming back to ‘everyday’ life was considerably harder than I expected. I physically needed to … More Why I’m walking 330km to learn about Peace.