Our Year Abroad

One day, Moo and I decided to quit our jobs and travel for a year.

It wasn’t the easiest decision, (I was begging him to move to New Zealand with me!), but this was our compromise. Tough. I get it.

So we started to save, and save and save everything we could to get as much money in the bank as possible.

The hardest part wasn’t quitting our jobs or leaving our beautiful apartment. It was deciding where we would go and what backpack to choose.

Sifnos, Greece

We started out on May 1st, flying from Sydney to Athens, Greece. The first island we reached was Sifnos, ahhh Sifnos, it’s still under my skin and I can’t let it go. The food was exceptional, that should be enough to make you want to go there. Then it was off to Milos! We enjoyed Milos, especially the thrills and spills of the place.

One thing you should know – is that we’re travelling the year with carry-on luggage only (this is what’s in my bag!) and that we expect to travel as lightly on the earth as possible.

Follow the journey and enjoy every minute, I know we are going to damn well try!