The Green Series is a ten part series on how we all can become better citizens of the world by travelling more ethically. Starting with deciding where you should travel to, then help on how to plan and book your ‘vaycay’ and even help with what to pack!

The basics

Part 1. What is greenwashing in tourism?

Welcome and get excited, this is the first of ten posts on ethical travel. First up, let’s talk about greenwashing!

Part 2. How to choose an eco-friendly tour operator or hotel?

Welcome to The Green Series Part 2. This post is all about how best to identify unscrupulous hotel, tour operators and agents (HTOA) in the tourism industry.

Part 3. How to save the Great Barrier Reef with Kate O’Callaghan, an interview (This blog has been revamped and re-published on 1 Million Women here.)

Welcome to the Green Series Part 3. For the past few weeks I’ve been addressing the impact tourism plays on our environment, this post focuses on our apathy towards natural environments for travellers.

Part 4. What is responsible tourism?

This post is all about defining what responsible tourism is! How can we be more responsible when we travel?

Part 5. Packing hacks for the ethical traveller

So you want to make better decisions while you travel? Deciding what to bring with you on your holidays will determine your impact on the planet before you’ve even arrived at your destination. I’ve compiled a list of packing hacks just for you!

Patagonia Banff
Bear Minimum | Patagonia Collaboration 2018

The nitty gritty

Part 6. How to use the Bear Minimum with Emma Murrell-Orgill

The Bear Minimum is a rad single-use plastic awareness group here in Banff helping both the community and businesses consider their plastic consumption by looking at ways alternatives can be used in our daily lives!

Part 7. How to travel like a minimalist

I am well aware this is no new phenomenon but for me carry-on travel never looked and sounded so alluring. I attempted to travel with solely carry on luggage during my recent trip to Sri Lanka. I’m a little nervous to tell you, for me it was a huge failure.

Part 8. Want to travel ethically? Avoid this.

We do it all the time, we’re the type who travel often; we carry a keep-cup and reusable water bottle and carbon offset our flights – but we’re still making these simple errors in our travel style to harm communities and impact the environment.

Part 9. Sustainable essentials packing list

This post is essentially a check list of all the things you should add to your short or long (near or far) packing list if you’re hoping to travel more sustainably.

Part 10. How to choose an ethical retreat

After two weeks at a local surf retreat in Brazil, I wondered how many retreats out there offer ethical experiences, given there are so many on offer. Here are my tips on how to choose an ethical retreat abroad.

Bonus Post: 16 Countries who have banned the bag!

Instead of cursing countries who aren’t doing the right thing, we should get behind and support the ones that do! I’ve hand selected 16 for you.

Did I miss anything from The Green Series? Shoot me an email if you have any other ideas!