The Green Series is a ten part series on how we all can become better citizens of the world by travelling more ethically. Starting with deciding where you should travel to, then help on how to plan and book your ‘vaycay’ and even help with what to pack!

Part 1. What is greenwashing in tourism?

Part 2. How to choose an eco-friendly tour operator or hotel?

Part 3. How to save the Great Barrier Reef with Kate O’Callaghan, an interview (This blog has been revamped and re-published on 1 Million Women here.)

Part 4. What is responsible tourism?

Part 5. Packing hacks for the ethical traveller

Patagonia Banff
Bear Minimum | Patagonia Collaboration 2018

Part 6. How to use the Bear Minimum with Emma Murrell-Orgill

Part 7. How to travel like a minimalist

Part 8. Want to travel ethically? Avoid this.

Part 9. Sustainable essentials packing list

Part 10. How to choose an ethical retreat

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